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Automatic thermal viscosity tester

Origin: UK
Applications: film, pharmaceutical packaging, flexible materials, paper
Meet the standard: ASTM F1921

HT-2PC with automatic film feeding device and industrial computer thermal viscosity tester, for rapid, simple and repeatable measurement of thermal viscosity seal strength of packaging film, in accordance with ASTM F1921 (American Material Test Standard).

The main advantage

• Automatic film feed for fast, operator - independent test results.

• Up to 40 thermal viscosity tests per sample, without operator supervision, the film sensor can be suspended when the film breaks or runs out.

• Parameter templates for single test, repeat test, sequence test, and sealed start test for easy and quick setup.

• Auto-push playlists for testing (like music playlists).

All test parameters are fully automatic programmable controller control.

• Industrial computers with USB and Ethernet connections.

The parameter template is used to load the required test Settings. These tests can include single test, repeat test, sequential test, or sealed start test. PLC (programmable logic controller) control of all parameters makes the simulation of production packaging machinery possible. Each parameter has a wide range of Settings and can be tested for a variety of materials to suit a variety of applications:

• Sealing temperature of upper and lower sealing pliers, set separately.

• Sealing pressure

• Sequence timer for delay time, residence time, and cooling time

• Stripping speed

• Output configuration