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Lithium battery internal short circuit test


Application:18650、21700、Square battery pack

Origin: USA

Famous users: Ningde ATL, Zhuhai Guanyu

Lithium battery diaphragm puncture test protocol

The machine model:LS5

Machine origin: USA

Test method: pneumatic

Applicable sample thickness range: 0-100 micron

Typical customers: NANJING LG, Shenzhen BYD, Zhenjiang Funeng


Slip force test protocol for syringes

Recommended machine model:LS5

Origin: USA

Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

Standard:ISO 11040-4、ISO 7886-1

Typical users: Suzhou Bidi Medical, Tianjin Novo Nordisk, Hangzhou Pfizer, Shanghai Xi Pharmaceutical

Automation industry

Automation industry