Lloyd Instruments has developed new fixtures for special occasions

Column:Company News Time:2019-10-16
Lloyd is part of Ametek Sensors, Test & Calibration Instruments (Ametek STC), which has developed specialized blister pack peel strength testing kits for contact lens manufacturers.

Ametek SENSORS, Test & Calibration Instruments (Ametek STC) has developed specialized blister pack peel strength testing tools for contact lens manufacturers. Used in conjunction with the cost-effective LS single-column material test system, the tooling also features a dedicated adjustable sliding platform for 90° stripping. In addition, including contact lenses (orthokeratology lens) and other related indicators, such as YY0477 yield strength/breaking strength, also provide professional fixture solutions.

This blister packing test kit is suitable for testing blister packing of bifocal contact lenses. The aluminum foil layer is clamped in the top tooling and the bottom packing part is fixed on the bottom sliding platform. As the testing machine worked, the aluminum foil was removed from the packaging. At the same time, the bottom moving platform slides horizontally to ensure that the stripping force is always vertical.

Peel strength is an important parameter of medicine or medical device packaging. Excessive peeling strength means that blister packaging is difficult to tear open for use or accidentally tear out glasses or other contents. If the peeling strength is too small, the package is liable to be damaged during carrying.

The LS1 material testing machine has a maximum load of 1kN and a speed test range of 0.05-1270mm/min. It can be used for peeling, stretching, friction coefficient and other indicators of testing. At the same time, the powerful Nexgyenplus test software can also meet customers' requirements for experimental automation in a large number of production line tests.